What to eat




This is the largest waterfront restaurant in the region specializing in seafood. Vaselina’s has been recognized as one of the top seafood restaurants in the state and has been invited to participate in  state and national food demonstration shows and other culinary events.


Located on the main road of the community, Kiko’s restaurant serves lunch and breakfast and specializes in seafood and traditional yucatecan food.


Danilu is a small restaurant that serves lunch and dinner and specializes in local seafood.



In a small community like San Felipe it is well known who are the best cooks. For a daily fee we can arrange for a private cook to come to the house you rent and prepare your meals so that you and your family can relax, or even better, learn how to cook traditional yucatecan food. A list of meals and description of the meals will be provided in advanced and you can pick what you want the cook to prepare for you for your three meals of the day. The cooks are local ladies that are well known for their cooking skills. They do not speak any english, so you will have to practice your spanish and embrace the fun that comes with total cultural immersion.

If you would like to contract a private cook to cook for you or teach you how to cook, contact us at sanfelipeyucatan@gmail.com


Loncherias are small family-run restaurants that open to serve either breakfast or dinner and mainly serve traditional yucatecan antojitos.

What is a yucatecan antojito?


Located at the center of the community on the main road, Alvaro’s is open everyday for breakfast serving traditional yucatecan sandwiches and/ or tacos. Servings offered include Pavo Pibil (Turkey baked with traditional mayan spices), Cochinita Pibil (pork baked with traditional mayan spices), Lechon al Horno (Baked pork), Empanizado (breaded beef) and other traditional yucatecan foods.


A unique option to eat dinner in San Felipe is loncheria Clemente. Mr. Clemente’s family is well known for their cooking skills and open their house to people that want to eat dinner in there. They offer a menu filled with yucatecan antojitos and usually pull tables and chairs from different parts of the house to accommodate customers. You decide if you want to eat in their kitchen, their living room, or in the street, where you can sightsee locals walking and gossiping. Although the accommodations are completely non-traditional, it is well known in the community that they serve the best dinner in town. All you do is show up and say you want to eat, in less than 10 minutes, you will be eating the best dinner in the region. It does not get more authentic that Clemente’s.


Loncheria la Playa is located next to the water on San Felipe’s main square and is open for dinner. Visitor can eat a variety of yucatecan “antojitos”, sandwiches and hamburgers.